Glass Services Company

Glass must be a passion that runs in the blood, as his father was a glazier throughout Ward Dunscomb’s childhood. As a young man, the opportunity to be a Glazier Apprentice presented itself, and Ward jumped at the chance.

Ward began his apprenticeship in 1972, right here in Port Angeles, and completed Two years of his apprentice program. Lack of work led to lay-offs, and Ward moved to Seattle to continue his apprenticeship, in the same shop his father worked. Upon completing his Apprenticeship, Ward remained in Seattle as a Lead Glazier for Five years. During this time, Ward’s passion for glass grew, along with his knowledge and experience, and he attributes this to his mentors, that taught him everything he could absorb about glass.

As a young couple, and new parents, Ward and his wife gave much consideration to where, and how, they wanted to raise their children. Ward enjoyed his time in Port Angeles, and loved all that the Olympic Peninsula had to offer, and so they made the move, and settled in Port Angeles.

Ward went to work in Port Angeles as a Lead Glazier for about 18 months. Again, a slow-down occurred which resulted in part-time work. By this time, Ward’s experience encompassed residential, and commercial work, as well as automobile glass. Having a growing family to support, Ward reluctantly went back to work in Seattle. As one could imagine, this type of commuting resulted in personal challenges for Ward and his family.

After commuting weekly for nearly a year, Ward realized that the best solution was to start his own company. On June 6, 1981, Ward “hung-up his shingle,” and Glass Services Company was born.

Utilizing all of Ward’s knowledge and experience, the company’s first motto was, “If It Is Glass, We Have It!” As the company grew, the automobile-glass portion of the business was phased out, in the early Nineties, and our focus became residential, and commercial Architectural glass.

Today, our motto is simple: “Quality Products, Quality Service, Integrity.” Every day, we strive to live-up to these ideals. Glass Services is equally prepared to install commercial storefronts, cut a piece of glass for your picture frame, and everything in between. No job is too small, as our goal is simply to satisfy the needs of our customers. Glass Services Co. is still owned, and operated by the Dunscomb family.

Glass Services Company